Keeping it real  ... small

Keeping it real . . . small             

Couples see the many positives of keeping celebrations small. In fact, more couples are choosing to ‘elope’, although under Australian law, you can’t elope as they did in romantic novels*.

Add your kids or fur-babies and make your day personal, intimate and all about you and what really matters.

After all, that’s the real reason you’re getting married, as long as the two most important people are there . . . along with your celebrant, of course.

Go for quality over quantity with a smaller wedding

Small doesn’t mean skimpy. So many more possibilities open up once you’ve decided to contain your wedding guests to a smaller number. Instead of the cold hall that caters to 1000 guests, splurge on an intimate space in your favourite restaurant or a historic home.

The jackpot is a beautiful space within walking distance of your home.

We’ve officiated at a ceremony where the bride, the groom and their wedding guests paraded through their suburb before being married at their favourite pub.

There are so many upsides to simple. You’ll avoid all the stress and hassle of organising a big event, transport and accommodation, not to mention family squabbles over the invitation list.

Send everybody a note when you get home with the wedding snaps and a souvenir so the extended family and friends feel included.

Get married anywhere

Celebrants Australia are happy to pop over to your home, meet you at the beach or in the bush. We’ve conducted ceremonies in the most unusual of places – even at the airport.

Plus, we’ve found some secret spots that we are happy to share with you.

Iconic Melbourne wedding venues

Melbourne is famous for its laneways and roof top bars as well as lush gardens and dramatic beaches, providing lots of backdrops and intimate settings. Especially if you live some distance from the city, your wedding is a great excuse to do all your Melbourne sightseeing and find some unusual locations. Explore the graffiti of the laneways. You could even charter a tram for a truly iconic Melbourne wedding venue.

Home sweet home

Home is where you’ll be comfortable and control every aspect of your intimate wedding. Why not have an ‘I do’ barbecue in true Aussie style and invite the neighbours or a couple of close friends to be your witnesses? Be relaxed in board shorts and thongs around the pool or consider the comfort of your living room. With Celebrants Australia, your ceremony can be completed in five minutes. If you’ve written your own vows [link to previous blog on this], it might take a few minutes longer.

Beaches and parks for casual weddings

Our celebrants know all the best spots in the parks, vine-covered walks and enchanted forests. And don’t forget that Victoria is known for its endless beach locations.

Think of somewhere along the Great Ocean Road, or go quirky and get married in front of some Brighton bathing boxes. Plenty of couples have gotten married in their swimmers; you don’t need a body like Pamela Anderson to rock a swimsuit and a wrap. Have a surf in the morning, get married with the sand between your toes and off to the local surf club for the evening.

Why not a ‘Weddingmoon’?

Save time and organise your wedding and honeymoon as one, so where your wedding ends and the honeymoon starts is seamless. You could even hold your wedding in the middle of your Weddingmoon. The point is, there are no rules*. So have a weekend away; have your honeymoon first and the wedding after on the last day before you head home. Change it up.

If you’re a nature lover or sports enthusiast, think of incorporating your passion. Are you a horse-rider, or have always wanted to be, take yourself off to the stables, or find a weekender at a rustic homestead with farm animals.

Making memories

Even if your day is on the down-low, consider the best time of day, photo opportunities and souvenirs and create some treasured touches to make your moment memorable.

Can we help you with a small wedding or elopement?

Get in touch with us to talk about the possibilities. Call us on [number]. We’re here to help make your small wedding magical.

*The two rules you must follow

While a quick wedding or an elopement might sound romantic, you can’t just decide to get married on the spot. Under Australian law, you must give at least one month’s notice of your wedding,your marriage celebrant has the form. On the wedding day, you need to sign three copies of your marriage certificate with your spouse, your witnesses and your authorised marriage celebrant.