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These are just some of the questions our celebrants have been asked by couples looking to meet the right celebrant. All questions are welcome – the more the better.

Nothing is off limits to our celebrants, who enjoy sharing their views and experiences.

So we asked our celebrants to share with us some of the topics that couples discuss with us to give you a better idea of what questions you might like to ask.

Top 5 requests from couples

  1. 1. Talk tech to me

Our celebrants have a choice of microphones: hand-held, earpiece or head-sets. We can come completely unplugged and unwired, making the location free of wires and cables and with no need for power.

Should your guests be prevented from attending your wedding for any reason, we can live stream the ceremony from a professional live-stream account like Zoom or Skype, which allows for streaming for guests locally or far afield. There are plenty of back-up options if health orders change at the last minute.

Even before the actual day, couples can meet us over Zoom or platform of their choice and practice a seamless digital communications plan for the day covering every eventuality – like ensuring your uncle knows how to unmute.

  1. 2. You can’t ask that

Yes, you can. If there is something sensitive, secretive, salacious or scandalous that we should know about on the day – either to focus on or to avoid – just blurt it out.

There is nothing we haven’t heard before, no matter how outlandish it sounds to you.

More often it’s about family and friends, so tact and diplomacy are the order of the day. We can manage any situation: the bossy bridesmaid, acrimonious aunty, or the inevitable lecherous neighbour. We are well used to fractious family situations, although the more warning we have, the better we can prepare. Including arranging security – it’s been done.

We’re ready for anything.  Just throw it at us – the stranger the better - and we can keep a secret.

  1. 3. Black tie or tie-dyed

Yes you can have us dressed to suit your mood and style.

Some couples hesitate to talk to us about what we will be wearing on the day or how they’d like us to dress.

Melbourne Celebrants have an extensive wardrobe – from top hats and tails to costumes and couture. If your wedding is barefoot and boardies, we’ll adapt. Prefer us to wear a sarong and Havaianas? That’s fine with us. We can source the unusual, wild and whacky or work with you to design something that matches your mood.

Celebrants can blend in or stand out. If there’s a sartorial style that makes you feel more comfortable or that you feel will bring a fun element to the day, we’ve got lots of tricks up our tailored sleeves.

Want us to wear more than one hat – easy. We can slip between the roles of master of ceremonies and celebrant. Fancy dress or a wet suit or want to be married in a hot air balloon? We have the outfit for that. At the race track, place your bets that we will be kitted up for a day trackside in your lucky silks.

  1. 4. Magic, music and mayhem

Yes we can create magic too. To lighten the mood, we might introduce some humour on the day, a side order of jokes that have guests rolling in the aisles. We can work with you to produce some unforgettable comedic moments. Perhaps it’s a funny song, or music to have your friends bopping, break dancing or boot scooting – it’s all part of our repertoire.

We love a challenge and thrive on making the impossible possible.

Fun and light-hearted, or crazy and kooky – we’re experts at reading the room and can spin the mood to set a scene that is energetic and engaging.

  1. 5. Religious or cultural traditions

Although marriage celebrants perform almost 80 per cent of weddings in Australia, many couples wish to appease the parents or acknowledge their cultural traditions. If there is some cultural or religious tradition that you wish to have honoured, we’ll be right on board.

So whether it’s a Jewish Chuppah, Hindu exchange of garlands or Greek Orthodox lighting of candles, we can make it happen.

It’s your day. Let us help you make it magical

No matter your style, we’ve experienced every scenario imaginable and are prepared for last-minute requests. The most important aspect of the day is for our couples to be cool, calm and happy. We bring that extra zing to ensure a memorable, smooth and seamless day.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your special day, give us a call. We’re here to help.